YellowQuest: My First Android App

YellowQuest is the Android App I made in September 2014. There are links at the top of the page to play either the web version or download the Android App (which has more content. I created it in Eclipse (before I switched to IntelliJ Idea), and before Gradle was required to make Android apps. Below is the description of the game/app.


A platforming game where you jump between different platforms to reach the end of the level. There are different platform types which do different things, so be careful! You can purchase powerups with score points earned through playing to help you achieve your hiscore or just make the game more fun! Earn achievements and compete against your friends in the leaderboards!

There are two extra gamemodes available: Shadow Mode, where you do not know what traits a platform has before you land on it, and Time Mode, where the time is limited and you must keep advancing between the platforms to make sure the timer doesn't run out. These gamemodes can also both be enabled at once to provide for more interesting gameplay!

There are bonus areas which can be accessed using powers that reward you with extra score in a game, as well as challenges. Completing challenges allows you to rank up, which rewards you with extra score points. There is a separate leaderboard for ranks, allowing you to compare your rank with the rest of the world!

Web Version

The web version of YellowQuest is an early version of the game. It does not contain many features found on the Android version of the game such as scorepoints, hiscores, powers, bonuses, challenges and ranks. It does allow you to play the basic game, to get a feel of what the app version is like.


These screenshots are all from the Android version